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About SocratesMD

We believe high-quality, affordable health care is a global human right.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make it easy for US-based residents and immigrants of African descent to provide affordable, high-quality, instant healthcare for their family members back home. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to maximize telemedicine’s global potential and deliver healthcare in resource-challenged communities to bridge the gap in healthcare disparity

How SocratesMD Works

SocratesMD provides high-quality medical services that leverage internet enabled technology and communication systems, more commonly known as Telehealth or Telemedicine.  

SocratesMD is designed specifically for Africans residing in the USA and allows this group to provide the same high-quality medical services they have access to, directly to their family back home.

SocratesMD service is provided exclusively by specially selected US-based medical practitioners, using our custom designed and secure care portal that is available on the web or as a mobile app. The medical portal enables:

  • Easy registration for our services

  • Selection of your preferred pricing plan

  • Creation of a medical profile for you and/or your dependents

  • 24/7 scheduling of appointments with a US-based General Practitioners and Specialist Doctors 

  • Communications with your US-Based medical (video, audio, text)

  • Easy online payment for services

  • Coming soon – the ability to select a doctor who speaks your preferred local language

SocratesMD offers 2 pricing options. A monthly subscription plan and a pay-per-use plan. Both pricing plans allow full access to our features and services and are intended to accommodate your individual needs. 

Both plans require the creation of an account on our portal, and you can switch between plans, as your needs change.*

Features & Services



Monthly Fee

Per Appointment Charge

Video Calls

Phone / Audio Calls

Chat / Text Messaging

General Practitioners 

Specialist Doctors

Referrals for local care

Urgent Care

Preventive Care

Chronic Care



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Ready to go? Welcome! Click here to register now! Have questions? Please check out our FAQs or contact us at this address. 

With Smart Healthcare by SocratesMD, you can alleviate any anxiety about the quality of medical care available to your family back home.

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