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Affordable U.S.-based telemedicine for your family back in Africa

Send healthcare home, 24 hours a day

Types of Care

SocratesMD is a global telemedicine platform that enables US-based residents and immigrants of African descent to provide affordable, high-quality, instant healthcare to their family members back home. Our licensed physicians are available around the clock to provide urgent, preventive, and chronic care for your loved ones.

How Does it Work?

It's free to sign up, no insurance is necessary, and you’ll know the price before you book an appointment. Available 24/7 via video call, voice, and messaging.

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Healthcare Option for Family Back Home

Family members of US-based legal immigrants of African descent residing in their home country.

About Us

We believe high-quality, affordable healthcare is a global human right. This isn’t a project; it’s our passion. 

We also know how hard it is to provide high-quality health for our families back in Africa. That’s why we started SocratesMD. Led by a consortium of African-born American doctors, SocratesMD offers global telemedicine for your family, when they need it, and at an affordable price. We understand the importance of family and help you provide the best possible care for yours. 


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